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Click on the link above for access to the Regroup Direct debit payment page.

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For a number of years now the CGR has been managing to survive using some legacy joining fees and donations from Music of the Night.  This funding has been used to support various causes and functions relating to our membership.  To enable the organisation to thrive and support more members in their time of need it is vital that we have some form of additional income.

After much deliberation, it has been decided to set up a scheme that encourages regular giving through a Direct Debit Scheme.  The idea was approved at the monthly meeting of the GCR on 4th December 2015.  The CGR Treasurer will open the account shortly and a link will be placed on the Regroup web site and this link will allow for individuals to access a simple electronic Registration Form.

All that needs to be done is to enter your personal and bank details to register with the system.  Once you have completed that email the Treasurer at ericdavies01@gmail.com telling him that you are registered and how much you wish to pay and how often.  You decide how much and how often as your situation warrants and also which days you want the payment to be taken.  You could, if preferred, make a one off donation via the same means.  As soon as the Treasurer has processed your request you will get a confirmatory email from the company three days before the payment date outlining how much will be taken and when.

We have decided against a set joining fee as our membership is open to all Command Gunners, serving and retired.  I would suggest that a figure of around £20.00 per annum would greatly increase our funds and allow us to be more proactive in offering assistance to others and also for defraying some of the costs involved in hosting Reunions.

I will stress that these funds are held separately from the Plymouth Regroup account, who raise their own money for local charities through their monthly raffles and other events.

This new account will be managed by a  company called “GoCardless” and they supply the Treasurer with a tool called a ‘Dashboard’ by which he can see at a glance exactly who has signed up, who has paid, what date they have paid and also when the next payment is due, which will assist with forward planning. There is a small management charge of 1p in the pound, capped at £2.00 per transaction.

Some would argue that is excessive, but in reality they provide a professional, transparent system that relieves us “untrained amateurs” and allows you all to donate safely into a fund that is for the good and benefit of you all.

I would ask you all to support this venture and be as generous as you can.  As soon as the system goes live there will be a notification on our website and all forms of social media that we are currently linked to.

United we Conquer!

Martin Lambert-Gorwyn

Vice-President CGR

>>>>>>>>> Click Here for Regroup Bank account Word doc <<<<<<<<<<<

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