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“United we Conquer”
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1. The Commando Gunner Regroup (CGR) is the official organisation for the past members of 29 and 95 Commando Regiments Royal Artillery. The CGR’s ‘spiritual headquarters’ will be based at the Royal Citadel, Plymouth, the home of the Commando Regiments since 1962. However the monthly meetings will be held wherever the committee and members decide is a suitable venue.

2. This constitution will be subject to periodic review to ensure it remains relevant to the prevailing needs of the CGR. Amendments can be proposed by any member. Amendments should be made formally in writing & brought up in open meeting if possible. At least one months notice must be given to table an amendment. This will then be discussed in open meeting and voted for in the next meeting. If an amendment is approved it will be brought into the constitution and circulated to the regional Regroups as soon as possible.


3. The purpose of the CGR is to provide:

a. A focus for comradeship - largely through monthly meetings, periodic reunions and or informal gatherings and fund raising events at dispersed locations.

b. An organisation through which the retired Commando Gunners can retain close links with the serving Regiment, fostering the ‘family spirit and club ethos’.

c. A structure and a system of communications needed to establish and maintain contact between ex members of the Commando Gunner community, thereby facilitating the passage of information and promoting cohesion.

d. An informal welfare information network with links to established military welfare agencies.

e. Raise funds for chosen charities, to support a charity voted for by the membership.

f. A forum to assist in the maintenance and development of the history of the Commando Gunner Regiments and associated units.


4. Full Member. Full membership of the CGR is open to any commando trained individual who has served on the posted strength of 29 or 95 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery, including 95 Forward Observation Unit and 289 Commando Battery & 289 Commando Troop. This includes individuals from any other branch of the Army, Royal Navy, Royal Marines or RAF. Past members of 20 Commando Air Defence Battery Royal Artillery may also register as full members. Serving members of 29 Commando Regiment will be deemed full members. All serving members of 29 Commando Regiment are to be invited to contact the CGR on leaving. There is no membership subscription or joining fee. Current serving members of the Regiment should be encouraged to attend meetings if they wish to, this will develop the intention of paragraph 3 section b. Membership of the CGR may be sought by anyone eligible under these rules. In the event of a dispute over eligibility the Central Commando Gunner Regroup Committee will arbitrate.

5. Membership Records. The CGR will hold a central database containing members contact details. Existing members will be invited to supply an email address to the membership Secretary. New members will be invited to register an email address on leaving the Regiment. No contact details will be passed on without prior permission of the addressee.

6. Honorary Members. Honorary membership of the CGR is open to any military or civilian individual who has served in or has had close links with the Commando Regiments and associated units, or who has significantly assisted the CGR or Regiment in a non-serving capacity. Honorary membership is available to the widows and the relatives of deceased members of the Regiment. In all cases honorary membership is to be proposed to the secretary and approved by the CGR Committee. Honorary members in the main will have voting rights as they will contribute to the Regroup ethos, and they may hold posts within the committee; this will ensure we have as broad an input as possible. Plus it allows Regroups in areas where there are no saturations of ex Commando Gunners to thrive.

7. Friends and Relatives. Friends and relatives of Full and Honorary members will be encouraged to attend meetings, social functions and events held by the CGR when invited and accompanied by the Full or Honorary member.


8. General. As the membership is widely dispersed the most suitable structure for the CGR is that of, an organisation of regional Regroups under the guidance of the Central Committee, which provides policy and coordination. The central Committee will be responsible for organising (or assisting in the organisation) of major events and for representing the views of the whole membership to outside organisations. This structure establishes a central focus in Plymouth for all Commando Gunners whilst encouraging CGR regional groups to flourish wherever appropriate. All routine business will be conducted by the central Committee; full Committee meetings, involving lead members of outstations, can if possible be held immediately prior to General Membership Meetings.

10. President. The Honorary Regimental Colonel 29 Commando Regiment will be requested to be President of the CGR. The president holds a non voting position within the CGR. The role of the President will be to provide advice and support to the Committee and the wider Regroup family through strong links with the Regiment.

11. Vice President.

The vice President can be any ex serving member of the Regiment; they will be invited to take up the post by the committee. The vice president will hold a voting position within the CGR. They will deputise for the President in the Presidents absence and make decisions on their behalf. The vice President will have and provide a strong link to the serving Regiment.

12. Central Committee. The Central Committee will comprise of the following members: ….

a. Chairman.

Will be proposed by and endorsed by the membership.

The Chairman’s responsibilities include:

(1) Directing the activities of Regroup in association with the other committee members.

(2) Representing the CGR at appropriate ceremonials and functions.

(3) Liaison with service charities

(4) Joint financial management of CGR funds.

(5)  Maintaining the link between the CGR and 29 Cdo Regt.

(6) Ensure the standards of the constitution are being maintained.                      

b. Vice Chairman. Two members of the central committee are to take the post of vice chairman to ensure continuity in the leadership in case of emergency meetings, work commitments, illness etc.

To be appointed by the membership.

The Vice Chairman’s responsibilities include:

(1) Deputising for the Chairman in his absence.

(2) Maintaining links with the regional representatives.

(3) Joint financial management of CGR funds.

(4) Monitoring membership activity and records.

(5)  Maintaining the link between the CGR and 29 Cdo Regt

c. Secretary.  To be appointed by the membership.

The Secretary’s responsibilities include:

(1) Liaising with the Chairman on relevant Regimental and CGR issues.

(2) CGR Fund Raising Manager.

(3) Keep good records of all Regroup activities & minutes of meetings

(4) Maintain record of all members contact details.

d. Welfare officer.  To be appointed by the membership

The Welfare officer’s responsibilities include:

(1) Reporting and if possible visiting sick or injured CGR members

(2) Provide a link to service charities

(3) Arranging standard bearers & wreath for funerals etc.

(4) Act as a liaison for regional CGR’s in regards to welfare problems

(5) Keep in good contact with ex service organisations i.e. Royal British Legion, SAFFA etc.

e. Entertainments’ Officer To be appointed by the membership

The Entertainments officer’s responsibilities include:

(1) Arrange all CGR entertainments in association with working members.

(2) Ensure all functions fall in line with CGR finances.

(3) Ensure entertainments are appropriate and appeal to a wide range of interests

(4) Report to the committee and members in advance of all events, covering all aspects of the proposed event.

(5) Give ample notice to the membership of forthcoming events.

f. Events and charities Officer. To be appointed by the membership

The Events and charities officer’s responsibilities include:

(1) Arranging and organising all outside events in regards to the CGR charity for the year.

(2) Liaise with the local charity representative

(3) Arrange the booking of any equipment or outside area to be used for event.

(4) Ensure all events fall in line with CGR financial limitations.

(5) Coordinate with regional Regroups charity events.

(6) Report to central committee on a regular basis

g. Regional co-ordinator Officer. To be appointed by the membership

(1) To liaise with all Regroups outside of the Plymouth area.

(2) Support and encourage the start up of new Regroup meetings.

(3) Ensure the regional Regroups are informed of any relevant information from the central committee.

(4) Ensure there is effective communications network between the central committee and regional Regroups.

(5)  Report to the central committee.

h. Committee Members without specific title.

Regroup members who wish to serve on the committee but not hold a specific title will be expected to assist the main committee, as required, for functions or activities etc. These committee members will have voting

rights at committee meetings and will form an integral part of the main committee.

j. Tenure.

All elected posts are for a period of three years.

k. Resigning from the Committee.

Any member of the committee may resign their post, this must be in writing and giving at least 1 months notice of their intention. The post will then be put to the members for the election of a replacement.

l. Committee tasks

The above allotted tasks to individual members is not exclusive or exhaustive, all members of the committee will be expected to assist in the smooth running and expansion of the CGR.

13. Regional (International) Committee. The Regional Committee, will only meet prior to an AGM or on special occasions, as requested by the Chairman. Routine business will be conducted by email, letter and telephone. For members in other countries this could possibly be enabled by the use of conference calling using skype or other available method. The International Committee membership will include:

a. CGR Central committee.

b. Regional Regroup Leaders.

Who will be elected by local group membership, their responsibilities include:

(1) Leading and administering their local group.

(2) Liaising with the Chairman or vice chairman on relevant issues.

(3) Representing the views of the local membership to the Central Committee.

(4) Encouraging an effective communications network with and between their local memberships.

(5) At least 28 days notice will be given before an AGM is due to take place, however more notice will be given if possible

(6) All members are allowed to vote on matters brought up in the agenda at an AGM. Voting will be by a show of hands. In the case of a tied vote the chairman or appointed deputy will hold the casting vote, this decision will be final.

(7) Although the acronym AGM is used, this does not infer there will be an annual meeting of all ex members or Regional Regroups. It is purely used to mark a central meeting where all can attend, such as reunions etc.

14. Regional Organisation.

a. We are hoping that there will be a build up of regional Regroups over the coming years. The interest has been quite high in certain areas of the UK & abroad. The Regional Coordinator will offer help and assistance with the formation of these Regroups. As will the whole of the central committee.

b. Contact details for regional Regroups will be available through the membership secretary and/or other local members. The meeting points, dates & times will be published on the Regroup website, Facebook & twitter.

c. Each group is autonomous they must be able to organise, communicate and function as they see fit but must operate within the policy guidelines provided by the central Committee, which will provide a central focus and support as required.


15. Finance. The CGR will hold funds (if available) to promote the activities and purposes as set out in paragraph 3 above. These funds can also be used for small welfare needs and also be used to disperse charitable donations.

a. The central Committee will oversee and administer the CGR funds, which are held in a separate bank account to that of the Plymouth Regroup account. This ensures that a transparent system of accounts is maintained for all CGR financial activities without incurring the costs of independent auditors.

b. All expenditure will require the approval of the Secretary endorsed by the Chairman or Vice Chairman. A maximum of £250 may be spent on a single purchase. Approval for higher expenditure can be given by the full committee, or in appropriate circumstances, by vote at the AGM.

c. The Central CGR account will be available for all to see at any time & published at the AGM.

d. Regional Groups may hold funds independently, if deemed necessary; the individual committees will be responsible for the efficient accounting and management of those funds.

16. CGR on the world wide web. The CGR Website, facebook page & forum has been established with the intention of maintaining strong links with the retired & serving Regiment and other relative associations. Regional Group leaders will encourage the spread of information through this media. There will be a hyper link from the central website to regional websites as and when they develop.

17. General Meetings. General Meetings will be held on the first Friday of every month or as close to, dependant on the area. Members wishing to raise an agenda item should indicate their intention and submit to the Secretary in time for inclusion on the agenda, this needs to be at least 24 hours before any general meeting and at least 72 hours before an AGM.

18 Dissolution of CGR The CGR may be dissolved if it is deemed necessary; this must be by the members of the central committee in a majority vote at a special meeting held purely for this purpose. Any assets or remaining funds after any debts have been met, shall be dispersed to any charities of the remaining CGR member’s choice.

Ratified, Amended & Signed on 26.06.2015 by: